About Us

Sustainability is a UMass dining core value

We strive to ensure our actions are economically viable, environmentally sensible, and socially responsible. We fulfill our mission without depleting resources future generations will need to address economic, environmental, and social challenges. The UMass Dining Sustainability Team aims to enhance the student experience by offering a diverse selection of healthy, sustainable, delicious food, along with engagement and education about food and the environment. Our sustainability initiatives support and encourage meaningful interactions with, and deeper understanding of food systems and climate action.

Area of Focus


Permaculture is a design system for creating ecological and edible landscapes, low-impact buildings, and sustainable communities and economies
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Minimize Food Waste

With at least 40% of food wasted annually in the US it is critical to minimize food waste and the negative effects associated with it like emissions from landfills and the loss of natural resources.
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Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Making climate smart food choices is a significant way to reduce one's carbon footprint.
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Pursuing Social Equity

All people should have access to and the ability to grow and consume foods that are healthy, affordable, and culturally significant.
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Promoting Local and Seasonal Menus

Eating locally and seasonally reduces GHG emissions associated with food miles and keeps money in the local economy.
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Prioritizing Waste Reduction

Reducing waste will reduce the impacts of pollution, the loss of natural resources, and other negative impacts on the environment and livelihoods.
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Improving Animal Welfare

Modern livestock production can have severe impacts on animal welfare and the environment. When animals are raised correctly and can express their intrinsic behaviors, they provide many ecosystem services that support sustainable food systems.
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Supporting Biodiversity and Habitat Protection

Biodiversity and habitat protection are critical to the animals, plants and microorganisms that support pollination, soil fertility, disease resistance, and water quality.
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Utilizing Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable seafood is caught or farmed in a way that supports healthy species populations, the health of the oceans, and the livelihoods of fishing families.
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Committing to Ingredient Transparency

Ingredient transparency allows us to make food choices that support animal and worker welfare, and ethical and sustainable sourcing.
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Promoting Collaboration

The food industry is a complex system that has many participants. Multi-stakeholder and multi-level collaboration is essential for a sustainable food system.
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Addressing Food Security

Everyone at all times should have access to healthy and affordable foods. Click here to learn about Food Security Initiatives at UMass Amherst.
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Donate to the Permaculture Program!

Donations to the UMass Permaculture Initiative help support current and future permaculture garden projects, educational programming, and community engagement. If you’d like to donate you can pay online through the Donate button below or with a check! Thank you!