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Atlantic Sea Farms

Kelp on the Menu

About Atlantic Sea Farms

Atlantic Sea Farms is leading the way in regenerative and sustainable kelp farming in the United State. Based out of Biddeford, ME, Atlantic Sea Farms is a women-owned, mission-driven company that works with established fishing families to sustainably cultivate kelp. Kelp is a fast growing, nutrient dense superfood that has many beneficial impacts on coast waters and communities. Funded by the Kendall Foundation, UMass Dining and Atlantic Sea Farms have teamed up to create fun, interactive and educational opportunities to learn about and consume kelp on college and university campuses. We are currently developing a Kelp on the Menu guidebook for College and University dining programs.

Our Project (January 2022 - 2023)

  • Launched our partnership with one Kelp Tasting Event and one Kelp Special Dinner event that featured a presentation by Atlantic Sea Farms
  • Hosted 4 Kelp Special Dinner events at Hampshire Dining Commons that included student focus groups, presentations, and tastings.
  • Hosted 3 Kelp Tasting Events for retails location on campus, including a kelp smoothie tasting
  • Administered 2 Kelp surveys to gauge students perceptions, behaviors and awareness towards kelp at the start and end of the partnership
  • Developed the Kelp on the Menu: Guide for College and University Dining Services