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Henry P. Kendall Foundation

About the Kendall Foundation

The Henry P. Kendall Foundation has been instrumental in helping UMass Dining increase local and regional procurement and lay the building blocks for other college and universities to do the same. The mission of the Foundation is to create, healthy, resilient, and regional food systems in New England by increasing the production and consumption of locally produced foods.

Our Projects (2013-2024)

  • 2013 – 2019 UMass Dining received 3 grants that totaled over 1.2 million dollars from the Kendall Foundation. These grants supported the advancement of local and sustainable procurement practices, regional partnerships and supply chain infrastructure, convening of key regional stakeholders, and LEED Certified building infrastructure. Through this, UMass Dining defined local and regional parameters and developed a local and sustainable tracking system.
  • 2021 – 2024 UMass Dining received $319,000 Kendall Grant to develop, test, and integrate local and sustainable kelp products from Atlantic Sea Farms into the UMass Dining Menu and develop a handbook for other college and university dining programs to replicate.