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My Emissions

Carbon Rating on the Menu​

About My Emissions

UMass Dining has partnered with My Emissions to evaluate recipes and assign an A-E rating scale based on each dish’s overall carbon impact. The carbon impact of each dish on the menu is calculated based on a comprehensive life cycle assessment. This life cycle assessment takes into account each food’s specific journey, including where and how it’s farmed, transported, and packaged. Based on this emission calculation, each dish is then rated on a scale of A-E in which A-rated dishes have the lowest carbon footprint and E-rated dishes have the highest carbon footprint.

Our Partnership (2021-present)

  • Fall 2021 we surveyed over 800 UMass Student about climate action and sustainability. The results showed a clear student incentive to reduce their personal carbon footprints which drove us to add a carbon rating to the menu.
  • Spring 2022 we piloted the Carbon Rating on the Menu at Hampshire Dining Commons
  • Fall 2022 we launched the Carbon Rating on the Menu at all four Dining Commons
  • 2023/2024 we will begin using data collected from the first year to aid in low carbon menu development