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Blue Vervain

Verbena hastata

Flavor Profile and Uses

  • Sharp, bitter flavor
  • Traditional used medicinally as a nervine (nervous system tonic) and is effective at easing bodily nervous tension such as stiffness in the back, shoulders, neck, etc.
  • A slight sedative used in easing symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Functions by helping the body release pent up energy and relax
  • Helps reduce fevers by promoting sweating
  • Contains bitter properties that improve digestion
  • Flowers and leaves are used internally as a tea, tincture, or flower essence and externally in oils, creams, and salves


  • Grows 4 – 5’tall bushes with 2 – 5’” flowering spikes where a few tiny blooms appear at a time throughout the season
  • Prefers full sun but puts up with partial shade, can be found in fields, woodland edges, prairies, and wetlands that are well drained and full of organic matter

Harvesting Instructions

  • Harvest when medicinal properties are at the peak in mid- to late summer on a dry, sunny day
  • Cut the entire aerial part of the plant, leaving about twelve inches at the base for regenerative growth, it is possible to get a second cutting from well-established plants
  • Easy to over-dry and loose medicinal value – hang in bundles upside down in an area protected from the elements with good airflow and check regularly or for small amounts, in a single layer on a drying rack
  • When plants begin to crumble easily, remove foliage and flowers from stems and store in an airtight container (preferably with paper or desiccation packets added to absorb moisture and prevent molding over time)

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