Waste Reduction


Have you seen big boxes around campus collecting your trash? Those are rStream’s AuditPRO units. rStream, founded by UMass alumni Ian Goodine and Ethan Walko, is a greentech startup aimed at solving the sorting issue in our waste stream. The two have won numerous awards, including the 2021 Innovative Challenge and Engineering Senior Design Showcase, […]

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Waste Reduction: A Focus On Reducing our Plastic Usage  

UMass Dining is committed to reducing single-use plastics from infiltrating our environment and impacting environmental and human health. With this focus, UMass Dining creates new initiatives that incentivize students to make better, informed choices regarding their waste management. The exchange of knowledge is an essential factor for change and growth, so it is important to

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Textile Waste  

When you go shopping for new clothes, what do you pay attention to before making a purchase? You may consider factors such as the latest fashion trends, price, and versatility–but how often do you think about the environmental impact of the clothing you wear?   It may be difficult to believe that something as simple as

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Campus Sustainability Month

October is national Campus Sustainability Month!  Here at UMass, we would like to celebrate by offering some tips & tricks to adopting a more sustainable lifestyle while helping to make a difference in our community!    If you’re interested in getting more involved with sustainability on campus, consider joining one of many student groups; Eco-Rep, UMass

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