On the Ground Update- Strenghtening the Farm&Community Connection

Last week, our staff visited Warm Colors Apiary to discuss how to strengthen the connection between the apiary and surrounding communities. The event was organized by CISA, a non-profit dedicated to improving the viability of local agriculture by bridging the gap between farms and local consumers. 
The visit included a tour of the apiary as well as a tasting of several honey varieties that Warm Colors produces such as wildflower, apple blossom, and American basswood. Each variety has a distinct flavor and unique medicinal properties. 
The event included a broad range of stakeholders including other local beekeepers, culinary students, and interested community members. Artisan Beverage Company, based in Greenfield, MA, even gave a demonstration on how to use honey to produce mead! 
The meeting served to strengthen the idea of how critical bees are for the environment and, more specifically, agriculture. For example, our staff learned that one bee hive can increase the yield of the crop it is pollinating by as much as 60%! 
UMass Dining has sourced honey from Warm Colors for many years, making it one of our longest-running local partnerships. 
Warm Colors Apiary is located in South Deerfield, MA and is run by Dan and Bonita Conlon.