Student Farm Produce Sold Now At Harvest Market in the Campus Center

This fall, we’re welcoming a new face to the campus center with the opening of a vegetable stand in Harvest Market. The UMass Student Farm is now selling organic, fresh, and ultra-local produce grown less than ten miles from campus. The UMass Student Farming Enterprise (SFE) is a student-run initiative supported by the University in which students gain experience planting, harvesting, cleaning, packaging, and selling food grown on-site, providing them with the knowledge and practice needed to manage a farm. 

With the opening of a vegetable stand in Harvest Market, located next to the UPub and across from People’s Organic Coffee, members of the campus community can now buy produce from the Student Farm any day of the week!  Each week, a vibrant array of winter squash, carrots, beets, leeks, and freshly-cut flowers is available for purchase using regular payment, UMass debit, dining dollars, or YCMP. Picture Romanesco broccoli grown at the Student Farm 

A colorful array of vegetables and flowers for sale in Harvest Market 

Stop by Harvest to check out the display of this season’s veggies grown and harvested by fellow UMass students. Buying produce from the Student Farm is a fantastic way to reduce your impact on the environment and eat fresh, local foods while supporting a student-directed initiative that is helping to produce the next generation of forward-thinking farmers.