Cold Spring Orchard

Cold Spring Orchard apples. 

Cold Spring Orchard is a research and education facility of UMass Amherst located in Belchertown, MA. The Cold Spring Orchard farm store has different varieties of apples to choose from every couple of weeks and also sells honey, maple products, jams, jellies, apple cider, and more. At Cold Spring, they offer pick your own apples, school tours, and resources for apple growers in New England from their research. They grows over 100 varieties of apples on over 50 acres of land. UMass Dining serves Cold Spring Orchard Apples from September until December each year and has been working with Cold Spring for years now.  

Picture Cold Spring Orchard apple varieties sorted and labeled at their farm store. Picture Rows of apple trees at Cold Spring. 
Shawn McIntire is the farm manager at Cold Spring Orchard and has been working there for years. He recognizes that eating local is more expensive. However, regenerative agriculture is essential for the future of our world, and the best way to support the sustainable farming movement is by supporting local farmers. Shawn explains that, “sometimes things might cost a little more around here, and it’s just because there are more challenges to grow those things, but you are getting something a lot fresher, something that is more valuable.”  Picture Shawn McIntire, Cold Spring Orchard farm manager. 

 If you have the money to spend, it is worthwhile to invest in local farms that you know care for the earth, their community, and their workers. For small farmers to survive when they have to compete with industrial agriculture, they need support. 

Thanks so much to Shawn and the rest of the Cold Spring team for working with UMass Dining and providing local apples to our campus community. To visit Cold Spring Orchard, check out their Pick Your Own and retail store hours on their website. To learn more about them, visit our 2017 blog and our 2016 blog about the Orchard!