Farmer of the Week Update: PT Farm

Picture Tara, Pete, and their five children 

We last spoke with our partners at PT Farm for Farmer of the Week eighteen months ago. Any farmer will tell you that farms never remain stagnant and are constantly in a state of evolution. So, it was time to check in to find out what’s new on the farm!  
Pete and Tara Roy run this New Hampshire farm that primarily produces beef and pork. As expected, they’ve stayed busy. 
Here’s the link to the original PT Farm post from October ’14 to learn some basics about their farm. 
Tara noted that some big changes have happened with the farm. Most notably, they finalized the purchase of new land in late 2014 which has allowed them to build new barns and increase their numbers of cattle, pigs, and sheep. 
While they view expansion as a great opportunity for the farm to reach more markets, Tara recognizes that their greatest strength is the quality of the products. Maintaining their humane practices will always be a priority of the highest order. 
PT Farm has also been a great asset in helping us source more local meat. UMass dining halls consistently receive about 1300 lb. per week from the New England farm. 
Sourcing more local meat each year is a priority for us as we strive to meet our campus commitment of 20% real food by 2020
Our thanks to Tara Roy for taking the time to speak with us!