On the Ground: Commissioner and Kendall Foundation

Last week, we had two important visitors to our UMass Campus. The first was Commissioner John Lebeaux of the Department of Agricultural Resources. The second was Andy Kendall of the Kendall Foundation. 
We informed our guests of the vast improvements we have made to our dining halls in the past fiscal year, more specifically in local and sustainable purchasing. $2 million was spent on Massachusetts farms & businesses – a 17% increase from last fiscal year. Including Massachusetts, a total of $3.5 million was spent on New England area farms and businesses – a 30% increase from FY 2015. Along with the increase in total expenditure, there were increases in spending for sustainable alternatives in every single food category from FY 2015. The most notables increases were exhibited through spending on dairy (68% more than FY 2015) as well as produce (55% more).  

Local farmers, head chefs, auxiliary directors – all in attendance for the Commissioner event 
Commissioner Lebeaux participating in an apple crunch on National Food Day with the team 
The UMass Dining team presenting a gift basket to Grantor, Andy Kendall